Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Lunch (again)


So you may think I have posted this photo before (lunch from the local butcher, Hot Roast Pork sandwiches):

Incorrect, a twist this time.

I walked in at 1PM to the butcher to the smell of cooking meat. Didn’t even happen to open my mouth, “Hot Pork Rolls, Sir ?”. I nodded my head. Out comes a roast from the oven. It starts to get sliced up. Someone else wanders in, orders sausage rolls and the roast pork catches their eye. A conversation ensues, the other guy says “I’ll just have the sausage rolls”, the butcher says “ah Sir, self control” to which I mutter “well one of us has !”.

The twist this time was the addition of stuffing. A great taste combination of pork, apple sauce, crackling, stuffing in a roll. Amazing….

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