Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Sitting at my writing (not computer) desk tonight whilst sketching some slides for work made realise how visually appealing Apple products are. In this case, my MacBook Air randomly placed besides a recent purchase I’ve yet to properly setup and so on my desk (Mac Mini Server). Having OCD when it comes to look and […]

Picture the scene- sitting outside a pub around 9PM. Table service. Guy comes up to take order: Person in our group: “Red Wine Please” Tender: “Small, Medium, Large ?” Not quite the normal question you’d expect !

Okay, I know this is getting a touch on the obsessive side, but it really does crack me up the lack of spatial awareness the Cambridge people have. Here’s 2 good examples from last night: * Walking along Trumpington Street en-route to the pub. 4 middle aged women, parallel walking along the street. Featured keywords […]

A thousand words ? No, 37.2C to be precise: Nice UK house designed to retain heat is doing a good job today…

My new term for people in meetings who sit with an iPad surfing away. It used to be email on a Blackberry or Internet Explorer. Now it’s the iPad…

Today really was a scorcher. I stupidly decided to wear a jacket to the meeting this morning which didn’t help matters (I felt I looked like a ragamuffin without a tie). The trip back from London really was a killer- far far too warm. Upon arrival in Cambridge it wasn’t bad. Then really spicy food […]

In London today. Meetings in Pall Mall, train in even though at peak time was okay. On the contrary, after the meeting a nightmare. Baking heat, aircon in Starbucks was broken. Aircon on train non-existent. No cell reception when trying to take calls out of London. Truly shocking service. And i know with all the […]

I bother you once every 2-3 years for a supply of allergy tablets. I sent you a fax 5 days ago with clear instructions of what I needed (I don’t want to sit in a surgery full of sick people). Yes, I know it’s not the generic brand medicine, but it’s hardly the latest cancer […]

Last week I had 3 really bad experiences- some just amusing- some painful: Buskers I rarely give money to buskers, unless they are talented or make me laugh in some way. I’ve blogged before about the guy in San Francisco who held a sign with ‘abuse me’- I gave him money for a picture. The […]

It’s funny that I can always picture which major Scottish city a building is from, even with a small snapshot of the brick. In this case: Edinburgh (and I was correct). It’s something about the relatively small sandstone bricks that makes it easy. Then there’s Glasgow: Large sandstone. A really nice image and a very […]