Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Misguided Bus Route


Travel to the station today. Great, this bloody stupid guided bus route is yet again inconveniencing me. In this case, a taxi stopping down the road from the station as it couldn’t drop me outside due to roadworks. This whole thing really does irritate me. Specifically, yet another situation where people who live outside of Cambridge get an easy life and catered for at the expense of those who make the sacrifice to live there.

So I have to be inconvenienced for months on end so some people can have a nice easy life. I just imagine the extra things no doubt that will be involved in the specification:

  • Bus Stops: to be made of trees, thus permitting to be hugged for good karma whilst waiting for a bus. No doubt people will get stressed whilst waiting for a bus, so they’ll double the counselling service at Addenbrooks (which it serves).
  • On board catering: fair trade coffee of course (you know the stuff that you pay lots of extra money for so you can have a woman with a long skirt and small child kneeling besides her on the packet). Breadsticks and hummus available also, as well as packed sandwiches and orange squash.
  • The majority of the ground floor of the bus devoted to disabled seating, inline with the majority of Cambridge parking. For the record, a comment on the large amount of availability, nothing else.
  • Payment: ability to pay with Tesco school vouchers, lots of spare 2p pieces and other general annoying things people do.
  • Free WiFi, thus enabling the ability to comment on postings on cam.misc and make annoying ‘witty’ comments.

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