Sunday, June 16th, 2024



I rarely have dreams, or as someone pointed out, rarely bring them into focus so I’m aware of them. Regardless, they are always nightmares, tend to be when I have too much sleep (rare) and usually are influenced by something in the past/next day. What I always find interesting is the (high) level of detail that I remember.

In the case of this morning, woke up at 3:30AM with a load of ideas/thoughts about work (jumped up and grabbed post-it to capture, that’s common) did a few things then went back to bed. At 5AM woke up with a nightmare:

* Abroad on business trip (analysis: on my way to San Jose right as I write this)

* I had been booked into an unfamiliar hotel that had a large wooden door that needed to be opened (analysis: recently in Taiwan I went to a restaurant with a wooden door that only opened when you threw a stone in a pot). I had a number of bags with me on the pavement. Several people were hanging around suspiciously. I had a new brown case with the top open (even remember the logo). At a point on looking down at the bag I thought something was missing.

* Hotel staff opened the door and as I walked in the scene was very strange, courtyard-like with lots of bushes (analysis: chatting to a friend the other day about a restaurant in West End of Glasgow that is like this).

* Checkin process was really difficult as I didn’t speak the language, but they didn’t ask for a credit card.

* Taken upstairs to the worst hotel room I have ever stayed at. Frayed carpet made of Harris Tweed (analysis: had watched a TV program earlier in the day about the Tweed industry) that transitioned to bare dust/soil- my feet were getting dirty.

* Asked porter where the shower was. He took me outside and pointed to an area downstairs in the courtyard.

* I then went back to the room to call someone to help me, discovering my wallet and ‘phone had been taken whilst I was standing on the pavement.

Thankfully I woke up at this point !

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