Sunday, June 16th, 2024

What can’t things be simple ?


I had to grab a form for re-direction of mail yesterday, so I logged onto the Post Office website and then typed ‘moving house’ into the search field. Behold- a whole load of random crap comes up about mortgages etc.

Why can’t people stick to what they are good at ? Why must everything be inter-twined and mixed up (Jack of all trades, Master of none). I really don’t want a credit card at the queue in M&S, I’m there to buy food, not financial services.

Yesterday broadband was down. I called Virgin early in the morning (approx 5:30AM), describe the fault and as the lady is checking into it she asked ‘is there anything else I can help you with ?’. I wasn’t sure what to answer to that. I’ve called to get a fault resolved, why can’t people stick to the matter at hand ? To be honest, on reflection it was 5:30AM and I can imagine she gets some strange responses at that time, like ‘can you talk dirty to me !’.

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