Friday, April 19th, 2024

Post Holiday


Had dinner/drinks with one of my friends from school (secondary) last night. We live about 5 mins from each other, but only get a chance to meet up at the most twice a year (at the very most) due to work/family life.

I took the following picture which summaries the atmosphere. Actually it’s a pretty good picture for a 2G iPhone (as O2 are being difficult in making the upgrade to the 3GS):

Work Patterns
I’ve been suffering from significant post-holiday blues – that’s the mark of a good holiday. However, it does take some time to get back into things and also reflecting whilst on holiday doesn’t usually help the matter. However, things didn’t seem so bad when I got chatting with my friend about even though you spend lots of time educating yourself and also working, you can end up dealing with the most mundane and nonsense topics that could easily be done by someone with little experience.

In his case, 1st class honours from good University, PhD from top class University, Post-Doc from another top-class University. What discussions does he get into at work – yes the types of toilet paper to buy !

Cambridge Students
Had some drinks at the Mill beside the lock as it was a really nice night. For dinner we had Indian and the place we went (forget name) had a large student party. We speculated whether or not it was a Cambridge University (proper) party, but the people didn’t quite look (and sound) like Cambridge people.

We then had confirmation at one point when I spotted evidence… “She’s carrying a bottle of Black Tower Wine, clearly not a Cambridge student !!

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