Monday, May 27th, 2024

When in Dubai..


..Spend like the Emarati’s.. (Google tells me that’s what you call people from Dubai).
So far the trip has been good on the gadgets front (or bad on the wallet front). I always like to browse stores when I travel for techno gadgets. I also have a fascination (nice way of putting it) for stationery and random desk ‘gadgets’- something I’ve had since I was a child as long as I can remember.
British Airways in-flight
Of course traveling on British Airways doesn’t help- I’m not a huge fan of in-flight shopping but as I rarely travel on BA (as opposed to Virgin) it’s always worth a browse through their shopping magazine and there’s usual something on the technology side worth buying. This time it was the Richard Solo Charger for the iPhone. It’s a backup battery for the iPhone that clips to the bottom (and doesn’t actually fall off). Works pretty well so far, charging via a USB port and then hooking into the bottom of the iPhone to charge it up. Also has a light and (more usefully) a Laser Pointer. Thankfully Apple haven’t changed the form factor of the new iPhone 3GS so when I get that on my return it’ll work a treat. Of course getting the iPhone is another story (in Cambridge it’ll be like asking for a Pineapple in a Moscow corner shop).
Technology Shops in Dubai
Bit of a mixed bag here. There are a number of shops that you go into that are void of anything that has been released in the last year or so. There are a number of branded stores (Panasonic, Samsung, etc.) and a number of chains. I picked up this Samsung 120GB mini hard disc(guess it uses the same form mini hard disc present in the latest iPods). Very small- enough to hold a number of films when I travel and throw into my case. Can’t seem to buy them in the UK.

I’ve never been a fan of Virgin Megastores, but the ones here in Dubai are pretty good. Very good selection of Dance and Chillout music. Left the store with a pile of CDs (that no doubt I could have bought on Amazon cheaper) – still I believe in paying for something when I get to preview it first. Biggest purchase was a set of Beats Headphones. I’ve been looking at these for some time now and the guy in the shop let me try them (strange due to hygiene reasons, but as the box was newly opened I didn’t care). Sound feels way better than the current set of headphones I have – they also feel like they won’t break (the cord is very clever flat style rather than the rounded ones that always break).

Japanese Stationery
Large bookshop here in the Dubai Mall (Kinokuniya) has a great selection of Japanese stationery. I normally get my ‘fix’ in a store in San Francisco, but this was a good find. Left with a load of folders and B5 paper-punched books. I really don’t understand why there isn’t a shop in the UK that imports these sort of things – actually Selfridges used to but a folder was about £20 so I expect few people actually bought them.

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