Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Week in Review


Slow week this week, weather in Cambridge has been fairly good so not the usual depression- managed to get to the waterside for some drinks a few nights during the week.

Saturday in Brighton with friends. I liked Brighton- somewhat different from what I expected it to be. I guess the biggest difference was just how large it was. As usual lots of British style food, Pier, amusements etc. As I walked through the Brighton Pier I spotted this:

I hate the phrase ‘Oriental Buffet’ – such a horrible name. Also, the pathetic effort for the text (I wonder what that font is called ?). Anyways, I thought about what an equivalent in Scotland would look like:

For those of you not from Glasgow, the image to the left is not something resurrected from the Titanic, it’s a deep fried Mars Bar. Also, just to clarify, the poor quality writing and graphic is deliberate- I do know how to use Photoshop.

Finally managed to trim the bushes at the side of the house. Now the horrid little man in the street won’t be able to complain every morning he allegedly brushes the side of them on his way to/from work – obviously some 9-5 job that allows him to return to watch Coronation Street or something. Still, better than last year when someone posted a note through my door suggesting that I needed to ‘trim my bush as blind people passed by it’.

Sunday Late Lunch
Went to the Cow for a very late lunch (early dinner). They have no aircon or windows that open so it was very very warm. Sat outside, family with young child beside me. The pack of Organic Rice Crackers should have sent alarm bells in my head that they fell into the class (lower) of Cambridge parents who are happy to have their children shout at the top of their voices (expressing themselves). I just imagine it, “oh little John, he’s ever so clever, he’s only 3 and can shout at the top of his voice worthy of a striking car worker”…

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