Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Dining ‘Experience’


Dinner at Vietnamese restaurant in Cambridge. I like the food in this place, although the noodles/soup isn’t quite as appealing since I started to make it at home myself (of course my own home recipe has the magic ingredient of blood from cut fingers trying to chop beef into fine slices).

The only trouble is that the atmosphere is absolutely awful. I can’t quite put my finger (excuse pun) on it. The best description I can come up with is that during your visit as you eat you feel you are a British tourist (from some lousy village in the North with 95% unemployment) in solitary confinement in a Hanoi prison being held on remand for drug offences.

This reminds me of another restaurant (Spanish) in Cambridge that I’ve visited (for work dinners) several times. I didn’t like the place very much, then realised why: no air-con, dark, red-lights – yes it was hell in disguise !

So, that begs the question “Is there the equivalent of Dante’s Inferno, but a dining experience in Cambridge ?”. Forget the Kings Street Run, I’m heading for the “Dante’s Inferno Dining Experience” – the last circle being a city centre kebab shop ! (or is that a nightclub ?).

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