Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Blogging from where I didn’t think I’d be sitting…


.. on the the booked train to Newcastle. Of course I hadn’t figured that my morning would be plagued with mishaps (some good and some bad). Day wasn’t off to a good start when I realised I didn’t have any cash to pay for the taxi to the train station. However, that problem was solved when I called to book the cab and they indicated I could pay the driver. I called at 8:11 and the office told be it would be about 10-15mins (the usual time).
Decided to wait outside, 8:26 came and went, then 8:35 and I started to get nervous. Called and the guy clearly had a problem finding me ! Eventually he turned up at 8:38 and it wasn’t looking good to catch the train (especially peak time and also that I still had to buy a ticket at Cambridge to get to Peterborough to catch a Newcastle bound train). I managed to convince the taxi office to take payment over the ‘phone to save time.
Well after lots of cursing from me (and of course stopping at every red light possible and every cyclist on the journey) I arrived at Cambridge Station at 9:01 (rest assured a raft of expletives had been used in the preceding 3 minutes). Of course the queue for buying tickets was massive (and the automated ticket machines were a right-off). Eventually I managed to buy a ticket and catch a later train. Trouble was that would get in at 10:25 – my connection was 10:21. I just decided to relax, knowing I’d likely have to purchase a new ticket :(.

Well, what I didn’t bank on was the British Railway system at it’s true best ! Yes, of course my connecting train was late !! Thanks to ‘National Rail’ – a great app for the iPhone I was tracking its (late) progress. For once I’m not going to complain about punctuality ! I arrived at Peterborough Station to this notice board:

Note to readers- all of the intermediate stops (save for Durham) are some of the worst places in the UK. Newcastle however is an excellent place for a weekend away (especially when late nights and alcohol are the way).

Of course I’m just in Newcastle for the day/night – catching a 9AM train back to London tomorrow to wander around Kitchen shops. Somehow I think I will be regretting my actions at 3PM Saturday afternoon when I’m hungover and choosing kitchen cupboard styles. Thankfully earlier in the week I had a few too many drinks and have sworn never to drink alcohol again !

Anyways, overall a lucky day so far, topped off by the nice breakfast courtesy of National Express….
Of course the service on the train is excellent due to the crew being from Newcastle (or at least sounding as though they are from the accent).

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