Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Continuing with the theme of Easter weekend being the worst holiday weekend, today was as uneventful as the whole of the weekend thus far. This post comes courtesy of MarsEdit (finally managed to sort out an offline blog tool). I just created my to-do / project list and as usual there is far too much […]

The world has officially decided to go crazy. I recall speaking to someone who I had studied with a few years ago who told me that the last time she was up in Glasgow they had security tags on bottles of whisky. When she told me the area of Glasgow, I wasn’t too surprised. Also […]

Heading home from London today I saw this – it makes carrying a decent camera (rather than the iPhone) around with me all the time worth it. British service at its best ! Great idea to have a customer service telephone on the platform (in lieu of trolleys). However, it does help if you actually […]

A quick post from London from a crowded Starbucks in Knightsbridge. London is so busy today – the busiest I’ve seen it for years. I guess I’m not used to being here on a Bank Holiday weekend. It’s crazy. Of course the usual protestors (fur trade etc.) are out in full force. I do find […]

Cambridge Station Car Park London abound today. Of course the usual stress that involves parking at Cambridge Station Car Park (or is that Taxi Rank, Cycle Shop, or anything else random they decide to put into it). I’m actually surprised they don’t have some horrid car boot sale/market at weekends there (since people seem to […]

Today I had to visit one of the company offices in the UK (Maidenhead). Thankfully with the improved transport system in the UK nowadays it is possible to get there at a reasonable time via public transport (albeit via 4 journeys). Anyways, door-door in just over 2 hours – with the added benefit of being […]

I’ve never been a fan of smoking (save from when I’m very drunk where for some reason cigarettes and Gin & Tonic – two things I hate – seem to be a good idea to try). Therefore I am highly supportive of the ban on smoking in public places. Actually, being very against a devolved […]

Craig (not) the Estate Agent So, 10 sets of people to view the house this weekend. Strangest mix of people (well it is Cambridge) – religion, academics, medics. Living near Addenbrookes Hospital (one of the largest in the UK) has its benefits in terms of pulling in a certain mix of people- namely young doctors […]

House Selling Not content with the status quo, the house is on the market again. The result – me being in a stinking mood at the thought of estate agents, people viewing the house, and having to be tidy. House went on the market Monday, had 4 viewings tonight. 2 sets of people turned up […]