Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Early Thursday Morning


I’m finding the past few days I’m getting about 5hrs sleep. This is probably enough to survive on. However, I tend to find my concentration (and motivation) reduces when I don’t have enough sleep. I guess this will be one of these trips where I board the flight, make up the bed, then sleep for the entire journey back.

So far the trip has been good. Lots of sunlight also helps – the weather here is nice and sunny and this makes such difference to how you feel. On the down side, I have been eating lots of junk food (Nachos last night) which I’m sure isn’t good for the waistline. Still, a glass of red wine (my secret for keeping weight under control) is always good.
Seeing pictures of the snow does make me laugh. I remember as a child being knee deep in snow and everything functioning. Nowadays a fairly low snowfall and the country gets to a standstill. Well I guess that’s what you’d expect from a country that adjusts train timetables in different seasons due to ‘leaves on the trainline’.

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