Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Tuesday in San Jose


Woke up this morning at 12AM with a massive headache. I guess having not travelled long haul for nearly 2 months I’m not used to jetlag – thankfully I had some melatonin and ibuprofen to take. Lunch today at Sichuan style Chinese restaurant. I’m not a great fan of the SF Bay area – but one thing it does very well is really good Asian food. I stupidly had one of my favourite dishes- sliced beef in chili oil pot. I’m so stupid- every time I have this I have a sore┬ástomach┬áthe next day. Without fail at 6PM (2AM UK time) I started to feel unwell. Thankfully it passed quickly.

Dinner was steak and garlic mash with (British) guy from work who lives here now.

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