Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

In the US


It feels like so long since I’ve been here (about 10 weeks or so I think). Our office has moved to a new location (nearer San Jose) so I’m staying at a new hotel. When I got here I realised that I actually had been to this area quite a few times before for lunch. A quick survey looks bad for health and the wallet:

  • Large Borders – so that’s books and DVDs sorted then. I need to remind myself not to go there after a few drinks in the evening (I am a perfect specimen of the ’50 quid bloke’ concept.
  • BestBuy – so that’s random gadgets sorted (and more DVDs)
  • Various ‘junk’ food places
I’ve been here about 3hrs and had a round of Buffalo Wings and a plate or ribs. Let’s just hope I can exert some self control (not something I’m well know for).
The good news is that the area is fairly nice and near to the office (I was worried it wouldn’t be and I’d be isolated).

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