Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Sunday Night = Lack of Drama


I hate Sundays. I guess it’s because there is little to do and the fact that shops are restricted to 6hrs opening (and many stores in London don’t even open) makes it a real pain when it comes to trying to do things.

I usually pick up a copy of the Sunday times, read Michael Winner’s latest insult to the catering community, read Mrs Mills letters (which I still reckon are fabricated), browse through the magazines. Then end up at the Culture Magazine to check out what’s on TV. One of the things I do like about Sundays is that traditionally ITV have always had good quality dramas. There’s nothing nicer than sitting relaxing at 9PM watching a good drama (none of the period rubbish, politics/murder make for far more interesting TV). Sadly, no longer. TV has gotten to the point that it’s hardly worth watching nowadays- total drivel. I had a quick look at and unless I’m interested in (yet another) show about the British countryside, or a foreign countries customs/immigration I’m hosed.

What else is there to do ?

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