Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Easter Monday


Continuing with the theme of Easter weekend being the worst holiday weekend, today was as uneventful as the whole of the weekend thus far. This post comes courtesy of MarsEdit (finally managed to sort out an offline blog tool).

I just created my to-do / project list and as usual there is far too much to get done in the following week and things to chase so I’m expecting it to be a hellish week full of late nights.

Broadband Blues
Arrived back home at noon to be met by the guy who arrived to ‘fix’ (term used loosely) my broadband. I’d had a number of conversations over the weekend with Virgin concerning problems I’ve been having with my broadband connection. I ended up calling to cancel the service (so irritated), but ended up giving them another chance (quote ‘put me through to someone who knows what they are talking about, not a retard reading from a script). Eventually got put through to someone in Wales.

Having been told they’d send someone who could do a full analysis of my connection (not simply stick a signal strength meter into the cable on my wall) I had my usual skepticism – but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Well, as usual I was disappointed. The guy arrived with said signal meter, plugged it into the wall and replied “good connection”, to which I replied “I could have told you that”. Complete and utter waste of by Monday afternoon :(. After he left, I stewed for a few minutes and decided to ‘phone and have a moan. We left that call with the technician indicating to me that unless someone could see a fault on my line, there was nothing I could do.

I could have moved to a 50MB service with Virgin, likely I will have to downgrade to something like a 1MB service with BT. There’s progress.

Scottish Clans
I’m watching a television show that is about Scottish Clans. Why do they always have people in Scotland in the shows who speak with an English Upper-class accent ?!

The show about Scottish clans has finished and I’m watching every mans favourite cooking show ‘Nigella Express’. As usual dominated by great looking food and lots of takes of Nigella’s real life. She’s just dropped her daughter at school. I wonder what it’s like to be at school with Nigella’s daughter ? – packed lunches must be interesting..

What do you have ? Cheese Sandwich… Me ? Thai Yellow Pumpkin and Seafood Curry, followed by Chocohotopots…

Weekend Food
Probably the highlight of the weekend was lunch as Asadal in Holborn. I love Korean food and as usual they didn’t disappoint. It does worry me how well they are doing though as we were the only people in the place the whole of lunchtime.

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