Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

MacBook Air


So, keeping with tradition (for want of a more suitable phrase like obsession or compulsion) I’ve bought a MacBook Air. Actually, I bought it last week in the US. I arrived on my flight and whilst driving down to San Jose I gave my usual Apple Store (Valley Fair) a call to see if they had them in stock- they didn’t. The limo driver overheard me and was asking me what I was looking for. In true US service, he offered to drive me to the Stanford Apple Store. I gave them a call, and low and behold they had the 4GB/1.6GHz model in stock- but the guy told me to get there very quickly.

I arrived, darted out of the car (felt a bit like someone important since the black towncar dropped me off right outside the mall). Ran up to the store, it was packed (Halloween). I managed to make eye contact with a free member of staff. He tells me that they don’t have stock ! Heart sank :(. He went away to check and came back with a small box. Yeh ! I got the last one.

A few unboxing photo’s:

Firstly the box- my BlackBerry beside it to show how small it is:

Opening the box:

Power supply and instructions:

Finally open:

And the USB stick (instead of original DVD’s):

I really can’t explain just how cool this device is. The only thing that is missing from this being my perfect computer is 3G built in (what I like about the iPad). However, with my MiFi I get a good connection most of the time (save for recent Durham trip).

The speed of the machine is just amazing, boot time is a few seconds, instant on. Overall, I think this is the best computer I have bought in my life so far !

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