Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Wednesday night, nice bottle of red wine. Seems to make everything fall into place. If only things were that simple..

User interfaces in machines have always interested me. I regularly moan about the UI of the ticket machine at Cambridge station, another focus for frustration is the photocopier. Take something so simple, and put a crap UI on it. You can hear the error ‘beep’ so often when people use it that you’d think a […]

I planned to wake up very late this morning (i.e. after 9AM), but of course that failed. However, I did go past 7AM which is better than usual. This week has been really tiring. I don’t really like chairing and organising meetings, especially if there are a lot of objectives and data that has to […]

For the record Craig… When you are online to someone on a technical support case: * He/she tells you to reset the settings to default * You ask ‘will this mean I loose my settings?’ * They reply ‘no’ TOTALLY IGNORE THEM, GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCT FROM 30 YEARS USING TECH. THE WHOLE POINT […]

You might want to upgrade your systems to identify when someone has more than one telephone line at a given address. That way you’d not keep calling me periodically trying to sell me broadband for a telephone only line, when I have broadband on a line that you also supply at the same address. Oh, […]

A colleague recently suggested I subscribe to Groupon as he had taken advantage of quite a few offers. I decided to take advice and subscribe. Result ? most mornings I open my e-mail and there’s some random bullshit offer in my inbox, like the other day: Just so Cambridge – fake tan (goes with fake […]

I happened to be browsing my mobileme home folder looking for some pictures and came across the pics below. I don’t recall taking them (and thinking about it, they are good quality !), but I do like them: Tablet My favourite Scottish sweet. Basically boiled sugar and milk. I like to make it, but never […]

I’m back home. Actually, I got back Wednesday night but have been feeling really bad for the past few days. I hate flying with a really bad cold. This cold has been the strangest I’ve ever had – all in the head area. I found myself in a cold sweat and hallucinating on the flight […]

I hate loosing things. In fact, it drives me crazy. It could be something like a pen (actually I have 2 pens that I bought a few years ago and paid a fairly large sum for, based on the premise that I’d take care of them), or usually a bit of paperwork. This morning I […]

Pub conversation a few weeks ago I mentioned I’d never eaten a Fray Bentos steak pie before. I think we go onto the topic when I was recalling a funny sketch in the office when someone is asked who is the president of Cuba, and David Brent replies “Fray Bentos” instead of Fidel Castro ! […]