Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Elements to the start of a relaxing Saturday


I planned to wake up very late this morning (i.e. after 9AM), but of course that failed. However, I did go past 7AM which is better than usual. This week has been really tiring. I don’t really like chairing and organising meetings, especially if there are a lot of objectives and data that has to come out of them. I’m much better at sitting in and asking questions, oh and of course playing devils advocate. However, things went well I guess. I went into the city yesterday so I didn’t have to go in at the weekend. The purpose of today Saturday is to just relax. I have a lot on my mind right now, that is fine, but I just can’t stand being physically exhausted (mentally I can handle as that is fairly common).

The pic above has a few elements to the start of a good Saturday:

  • Newspapers. I’m not a hard reader of newspapers. The iPad has replaced my usual traditional purchasing of real papers, but it’s nice in a while just to pick up paper. I like the Weekend FT as it has lots of lifestyle articles, the Daily Mail just gets me a quick snapshot of the news. Shame about the headline on the front cover though (I don’t like the SNP).
  • Orange juice and pineapple chunks. I’m lazy, I’d like to make my own, but convenience just wins. I like to try and eat healthy where I can, it means that when I indulge I don’t feel bad.
  • SONOS controller. I love the SONOS, I just wish you could stream directly from the iTunes to it. The user interface and experience just works so well. I use it a lot for internet radio, either Classic FM or Smooth FM, with the odd bit of LBC thrown in.
  • MAC. How could that be forgotten. I’ll pick it up and check something on WikiPedia, chat with people on Adium, Facetime with my Dad, write e-mails, blog. I love the simplicity of it and how I’ve gotten it configured now as I like it.
  • Coffee. Absent from the picture, but the machine is heating up.

Bread is baking, I’ve also been to the butchers to grab lamb, kebabs, and cold cuts for the next few days.

Okay, off to the papers. I’m happy :).

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