Saturday, July 20th, 2024

… that food tastes different depending on the format it’s presented in ? * Sandwiches – cut across the diagonal to make into triangles, tastes so much better ! * Ice cream – serve in a small silver bowl and it tastes so much nicer !

I think the picture below (taken the other week) sums up the catastrophe that is Sainsbury’s in Cambridge (there are 2, equally bad)- no ‘normal’ milk left. Still, gives me a different example to use than ‘potatoes’ which was the case once before. What a systematic failure of running a business to not have the […]

This picture sums up my eating and drinking patterns, save for the odd day, for the past 4 weeks: Definitely time to diet..

The title sounds like something you’d see in a Daily Mail headline when there isn’t a recent reality TV show scandal, political scandal, or a report on immigration levels. In my case, another total bullshit sign at Cambridge Station: The text at the bottom I find funny, indicating that WARNING signs will be placed around […]

At a busy Central London bus stop today. 2 sisters, around 13 years old, with their mother. One sister looking grumpy at the actions of the other. The mothers words: “Leave your sister alone, she’s PMT’ing” Not only was it said once by mistake, it was repeated several times. Being British, we all didn’t know […]

These ads really do irritate me for a variety of reasons. I hope someone from an Eastern European country complains about them – the PC brigade for once would serve a very useful purpose. Oh, whilst you’re at it, Go Compare is painful as well – please kill off that.