Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Middle Class Morons


There’s a particular type of middle class Glaswegian (person from Glasgow) that I absolutely despise. The main trait is 100% absolute selfishness that one can only compare to the contempt people had for peasants back in the Victorian era !

In this case we have 2 businessman on Easyjet flight 215 today (4th row from the back, right hand side) who decided that the case I had placed in the locker immediately above my head needed to be shifted several seats forward so they could have their luggage above them!

One of them then proceeds to complain about lack of hooks for their (likely Marks and Spencer) suit jackets. I was just about to say “there is a recession your company clearly doesn’t value enough to fly BA so stop complaining” but common sense got the better of me !

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