Tuesday, May 21st, 2024



Tired tonight after a long day. Last night I tried to get off to sleep but there was a really bad buzzing sound from the bathroom in my hotel room. I figured it was the aircon, tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. Realised that it would be a bit bizarre being at a hotel that borders a runway at Heathrow Airport, and not being able to sleep due to noisy aircon (rather than ‘planes landing and taking off).

Called reception and they sent a maintenance guy over (within a few minutes) who removed the roof in the bathroom and switched the aircon off. Voila !- silence.
Made me think of previous bad hotel experiences,
  • Lift maintenance people at the Novotel Shenzen who decided to fix the lift adjacent to my room at 1AM (and have a long chat about it). I was so pissed I opened the door and starting shouting and swearing at them telling them how stupid they were.
  • Shanghai – drunk Chinese guy in the room next to me who decided at 1:30AM to come in and turn the TV to full blast, only to fall asleep. Staff tried to break into the room (no luck), few minutes later silence ! – typical Chinese way – kill the power to the room !
  • Italy – such bad service (Hotel Brun, Milan) that I decided (albeit after a few drinks) to go into the bar area and start serving myself.
  • Italy (Sorrento) – insulted waitress ‘this high end food is boring, I can’t take it any longer, can you just cook me something normal ?’.
  • Earthquakes in SF Bay Area, Taiwan, Japan.

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