Monday, May 27th, 2024

Pre-emptive Burns Supper


Spent this morning in London, followed by the afternoon cleaning up the house in preparation for agents to come round and value it. I’d just love to be able to move house without a chain and might have a way to do it (fingers crossed). Of course I still have to get round the fact that I’m not over 55 and there is a covenant on the new place (but hopefully people might see sense). 
Got my Rimowa case fixed (again, sigh) – this time it was baggage handling at Stansted that kicked the living daylights out of it (normally it’s SFO or LAX baggage handlers who seem to love kicking the wheels off- I think it’s the novelty of something shiny). I’d love to put a sticker on the side that says “handle with care, or I will blow up” – I wonder if they’d treat it any differently ?? Of course it can do lots of trips around Asia and survive, but most times when it returns to the Western world it gets abused. Alba luggage in Baker Street are such cool people – I take the case in at 10AM, it’s fixed by 11:30AM- not what you’d expect of British Service, I shudder to think how long it would take to get fixed in Cambridge (probably never).
Burns Night

Yes I know Burns Night is tomorrow night, but it clashes with Chinese New Year so I decided to do it today. For those that don’t know, a Burns Supper is a traditional Scottish event (usually in a group of people) where people eat Haggis, Potatoes, and Turnip. I bought the goods last week in Waitrose and I’m sure one the assistants thought I was some dumb Scottish guy (a common occurrence in the English I’ve found) when I asked if what was a turnip ‘is this a turnip’ I got the reply ‘yes sir’. I swear turnips in England (Cambridge ?) are different from Scotland (in size and colour)- small and white rather than large and orange. Realised that in true schoolboy error fashion I didn’t have a masher (or whatever it’s called) to mash the potato and turnip. Therefore my expectation was very low (visions of cooking the food and then it going in the bin). Well, it turned out okay. Sorry I don’t do pictures of food (something I find people in Asia love to do). Should be consumed with a glass of Whisky – but I finished the bottle the other week. So, Red Wine instead.

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