Saturday, July 20th, 2024



I’ve randomly come across episodes and references to MasterChef over the past months. Whilst I like some TV cooking shows, I find the personalities involved generally to be irritating. I guess what bothers me the most about MasterChef is that you have 2 hosts critiquing food, but you never actually see them produce anything. That got me thinking “could they actually do a better job under pressure?”.

The above got me inspired to come up with a new TV sketch called ‘MasterChancers” where the 2 hosts of MasterChef take a profession each week and critique people doing it.

Lots of detail to be worked out, but at the start of the show (and randomly throughout ) there is a cockney guy pushing a wheelbarrow shouting ‘give me some jellied eels’ ! Perhaps an Aussie guy with a pint of Fosters shouting and swearing ‘no, you stupid mutt, you don’t do it like that’.

More later…

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