Saturday, July 20th, 2019

They always joke about people in this part of the world having strange genetic defects due to inbreeding. I used to joke that around here the machines they have for measuring your feet (well at least they used to when I was a child) had a height dimension on them due to people having different [...]

Okay, I haven’t gone from 2 pork rolls to 8 ! I’ve been telling people at work about the amazing rolls on a Friday from the butchers and so we decided to have lunch at mine today. I went round to the butchers today and as I walked in the butcher said “will be about [...]

My first real hit of Winter in the UK this morning: I must admit I like when it’s cold like this and it feels cosy inside. I guess the fact that it’s not windy and/or raining is a huge plus (compared to Scotland in the Winter)….

Okay, so I blogged earlier about breakfast and big cities. Looking back on what I did, I really can’t believe my life has descended to going for breakfast at John Lewis in Cambridge. It goes against everything I stand for and usually mock. Still, it wasn’t that bad: Note the breakfast not having any random [...]

Technically this isn’t breakfast, since I already had muesli when I woke up this morning. However, it is before 12 and is similar to what I’d have eaten for breakfast if I had been more alert: Sunday Times – I always buy this on a Sunday. I actually only read the magazines and finance sections. [...]

I seem to spot these sort of things all the time in Cambridge, but it made me laugh: So, if you are a ‘bandit’ and looking to steal some religious loot beware !

Spotted this outside one of the windows – very very large marrows being grown in the garden next door. I’ve never seen these in the outdoors.

It always amazes me how windy is gets in Cambridge – I guess it’s something to do with how flat it is. Still, the one thing we don’t have is horizontal rain that I’m used to having lived in the west coast of Scotland. Here’s a short video showing how a typical day can turn [...]

I had to get out the office for some fresh air at lunchtime. This resulted in a walk to Cherry Hinton – a local village near work. For those not familiar, it’s a bit of a slum. I once came up with a challenge to make the walk more interesting where you’d walk through to [...]

I realised Friday that it’s been so long since I’ve been properly outside. That sounds like someone who’s been stuck in prison for a while. Well, that’s kind of what it’s felt like I guess. I just feel that I haven’t had good amounts of fresh air for quite a while. As I write this [...]