Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Travel !


I realised last week it’s been around 18months since I’ve had a proper holiday abroad. Coupled with doing far less travel from work, I’ve missed seeing sunshine. Thankfully this is remedied now and I’m in Bali on holiday.

The route here is via Singapore. Singapore Airlines has amazing service, from checkin right through to disembarking the aircraft. Just before they close the doors at Heathrow, the local ground staff give you a message wishing you a pleasant flight – a very nice touch. Of course when landing into Singapore you don’t have any of the nonsense you get at LHR having to circle a number of times. In short, nearly a full days travel was stress free.

Changi airport was a bit of a disappointment. Not at all in terms of customer service and experience. I guess my expectations of the airport ambience were much higher. In reality, there’s lack of light and the colour choices and layout are somewhat strange. I guess I was expecting something similar to Hong Kong in terms of layout. Still, there are some really nice touches such as a pond full of fish – a really clever thing to include as it’s calming. In addition, various entertainment places for children etc.

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