Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Transport étiquette


It never fails to amaze me how rude people are on public transport. The Cambridge to London train is stressful at most times. I thought I was being clever getting in early, way before shops would be open. Wrong ! Train is still packed. In this case, I’m surrounded by:

* Some random guy who’s on the ‘phone to his bank trying to change his PIN code. The problem is that he speaks with an accent and I suspect he is on the ‘phone to a foreign call centre. It’s stressful to listen to it.

* An Australian family who clearly have never taken public transport before. High pitched voices and talking total trivial nonsense.

The other thing they seem to insist on is randomly walking around the train. So, yes a benefit of a train is that you can stretch your legs, but it’s a 48min journey. I mean the chances of contracting DVT are fairly slim !

All this after moving when I heard a child shriek in the other carriage. What a totally unpleasant experience !

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