Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Why why why ?


So, trivial things to gripe about, but I was really irritated this morning by a few things:

  • Logging into websites and buying things. Why is it so bloody complicated ? Why ask me for a PIN when clearly I don’t have one ? There really has to be a better way of doing all this stuff and making the user experience way way better. Apple ? Still, at least paying via PayPal avoided having to put a whole load of random bank passwords into websites to actually pay for the transaction.
  • Why do people not put dates on presentations ? I’m sitting with 2 sets of slide decks and I have no bloody idea how old they are ! And I’m sorry, Windows just can’t deal with date/timestamps properly so I’m not going to use that.
  • Why couldn’t my MacBook Air connect to my MiFi this morning ? I now feel that the device I have isn’t quite perfect until Apple build an ‘Air with 3G built in.
  • Why does my MacBook Air take 2 seconds to boot, whilst my work laptop (only a few months old) take 5 minutes ?
  • Why is technology (outside of Apple) so bloody complicated ? I’m sitting here trying to understand a fairly simple concept and I’ve had to write a new slide deck because of stupid dumb names being applied to things so I can understand it. It might seem cool to do this if you have a beard and wear sandles, but to some of us it just really isn’t cool- why not just use the industry accepted way of having number releases ?. Three letter acronyms are a frickin disease – why do tech people insist on using them (I think it’s some form of illiteracy that started it).

<rant over>

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