Monday, May 27th, 2024



Woke up early this morning, against my desire to get a very long sleep. I specifically had organised events on Saturday around sleeping until late. Got up, messed around for a bit, then went back to bed. My automatic reaction was to go into London, so had it all planned out catching the 7:45 which would get me in early. The trouble is that if you don’t do that the roads and station in Toy Town are some completely packed that the benefit of the relaxing experience of going into London is quickly ruined.

Trouble is that when I looked at the clock is was 7:09 – too late to get it done.

So, instead I’m going to catch up on the weeks post, books, and paperwork:

Someone visited the house yesterday and asked why I didn’t just buy a bookshelf for all the stuff on the coffee table, I had to indicate to them that it was about 2 weeks worth of material – not 2 years !

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