Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Travelling with something missing


I’ve failed big time. Why why why didn’t I bring a Mac. My inventory of tech:

* Blackberry – faithful companion. Always seems to work regardless. Example of something designed for a simple purpose (calls and corporate e-mail) that always works. Oh, apart from the bug that shows text messages coming from the wrong people !

* iPhone – great apart from the fact that I can’t seem to get the photo’s e-mailed out on the corporate network so I can upload them to my blog.

* iPad – great apart from the fact that I can’t get any of the new episodes of my season passes. That means no new Inbetweeners, Mad Men, or Grey’s Anatomy for a week (unless I buy the episodes a further time). Bit of a limitation.

* iPod – my 160GB storage of my media. Sadly I forgot to charge it (rarely use) and so that song in my head I can’t get access to until the battery charges a little bit.

* ThinkPad – what can I say. Wireless seems to have died, not good for a hotel that doesn’t have a wired connection !

All of the above blues could have been solved if I’d have brought my Mac with me ! I thought since this was a short trip I’d not bother. Well, at least I’ll know next time…

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