Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Technology: trials and tribulations


So I watched the Apple keynote yesterday. I was worried that after my recent MB Pro purchase they’d re-spin the hardware. Okay, they did bump the speed of the high end model to 2.8GHz, but it was build-to-order option so I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway. In short, I still have the latest technology !  I’m pleased I went for the i7. However, in some ways I really wish I had gone for the 13″ model for its portability.

My dilemma is do I go for one of the new MacBook Air machines ? I think I’m going to avoid the Apple Store in Regent Street tomorrow as I’m sure if I see it I will want one. After 2 long-haul trips with the iPad I’m trying to think whether I really do need to carry a Mac with me ? The one thing I love about the iPad is the instant 3G connectivity, great for random surfing, IM on a train journey etc. Also the battery life is just superb on the iPad.

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