Monday, May 27th, 2024



Meeting originally scheduled for the US got changed to Munich this week. By coincidence it was Oktoberfest in Munich. I’ve been meaning to go for years now, but a quirk of fate meant I go to attend. The main advantage was I got to go with a great group of Germans and experience the real thing, as opposed to being the groups of brits over for a p***-up !

We got booked into the special VIP tent. Tent being one of these construction-type things:

I joked to a colleague how well built they were – only in Germany could they construct things so well.

Of course the night started with the beers:

I had 4 of these over the course of the night, with lots of good food (excuse the pics as taking food pics isn’t common so I had to sneak them in !). First the starter – basically a large plate of meats and cheese along with bread:

Then main course – huge portions of duck in a rich sauce, with potatoes and herb dumplings (one of my favourite German dishes):

By the end of the night I was pretty drunk, although aware of what’s going on. I like these sort of times, albeit in moderation. I described it to a friend once as cleaning my head out with bleach. All my concerns, baggage and stress tends to get washed away with the drinking. Maybe I should do it more often :). Drinks back at the hotel, got up to my room and realised I had lost my glasses (a common occurrence nowadays) ! Called down, had a discussion in German I think with the lady at reception. The next morning they were there waiting for me.

The onto a favourite breakfast. Poppyseed roll with bacon. When I was a student in Hamburg I’d have these every morning for breakfast as a treat:

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