Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Italian food parcel (from the UK)


The last time I was in Italy I had really good hot chocolate at the hotel bar. The last time I had such good hot chocolate was when I was a student in Glasgow. I remember being taken on an afternoon date to a place at the end of St Vincent Street – it’s long gone now – and having this really hot creamy chocolate. Anyways, when I was in Italy I blagged a picture of the packet determined to trace the source. I’d long forgotten about it, until the other night when I happened to be flicking through my iPhone album and came across it.

An instant google search revealed a website specialising in Italian food products. Of course it didn’t stop at hot chocolate ! I’ll use the minimum order charge as an excuse, but deep down it really was the love of those Kinder cake bars that I found in the vending machines at the train stations in Italy. Thank goodness they don’t do ice cream shipments is all I can say ! I picked up the shipment from work today:

I haven’t opened any of the cakes or made hot chocolate yet, a distinct case of self control for a change. Thankfully over the past day I haven’t had much of an appetite.

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