Sunday, June 16th, 2024



[Warning: poor quality pics due to impatience to get device up and running]

I seem to have this obsession with Apple products. I think it’s the whole male ‘hunter gatherer’ thing translated to tech. When something is announced, I rarely pre-order it. Instead I wait for it to come into stores. The down side is that of course I have to call the store constantly checking for availability. The order day I called and asked about the latest gen Apple TV and they said they had them so I headed over to the store.

I got to the store and couldn’t see any of them ! I thought that that they had ran out of stock, and so asked a salesperson. He then took me over to the shelf. The box was so small I had actually missed it !! Here’s how small it is compared to a mouse:

I was so surprised, wondering just how small the device itself was:

Here it is with the remote:

And comparing to the original Apple TV:

It’s times like this that you really appreciate technology and how clever some companies are at making really neat devices.

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