Sunday, June 16th, 2024

About me (in pictures)


I came across 2 situations in the past few days that ratified 2 things about myself. I so wish I had a camera phone growing up. As one of the first people at University with a cellphone I’ve always been a really early adopter of technology. Yeh, maybe taking pics when a bit tipsy isn’t sensible, but in general there’s the ability to capture really simple things as a memory. I find myself taking at least 3 or 4 pics every day.

1. I have crazy attention to detail

I tend to notice detail on things that nobody else ever does. This could be simple things like books not in order, subtle differences in colours, lines that aren’t straight. As I get older my attention to detail has dropped a bit (as I’m a pragmatic person), but I still do notice things. In this case this morning in the road I noticed that they had put a hazard marking over the wire holding the telephone poll up. However, I looked at it and realised it hadn’t been put at the right height (so small child / adult could bang into it):

I often get told not to put so much detail into things as it tends to look out of place compared to others. Actually, this blog is a very poor show compared to presentations and material I usually deliver. I think it’s my way out of detail !

2. My brain sometimes malfunctions, or simple things escape me

I’m someone where the obvious escapes me, or simple things don’t get a place in my brain. I’m good at thinking complex things quickly and making decisions, but in other things my brain sometimes doesn’t switch on or comprehend obvious things to most people. I also like to think things through in my own time. It means that sometimes people think you are a bit on the ‘thick’ side – not always a bad thing esp. when someone is arrogant and thinks they can outsmart you.

As an example, I passed the pub garden the other day and thought “oh, it’s a nice day, it would be nice to sit in the garden”. I walked over, then it hit me that actually my house was at the back of that garden and so I could actually just sit in my own garden ! WTF ? I felt so dumb !

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