Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Stress and Cambridge


Decided to go into Cambridge today to get some air and out my 1 mile radius of work/home with the purpose of trying to take my mind off things. I’ve never felt so ill- a mixture of cold, stress, and sore stomach.

Well I did get out, but going into town at peak time and dealing with all of the locals was a real stress.

Firstly in Boots, trying to get some advice and this halfwit inbred keeps interjecting asking the shop assistant to open a package for her. Why ? so she can count the number of bandages in each of the different boxes (a first aid kit) to see what was better value for money. The shop assistant made some comment under her breath, she obviously didn’t hear me swearing at the top of my voice at the woman.

Then on to buy a bottle of water. 2 single mothers with prams. One of them giving the girl a hard time in the coffee shop because she wouldn’t heat milk directly in the babies bottle. I felt like interjecting in that one, something like “I could urinate into the bottle to warm it up if you’d like”.

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