Monday, May 27th, 2024

Hassle of Cambridge Living


Decided to go into town today. Car park full as usual. Never fails to amaze me just how Cambridge is always so busy. Of course the usual spatial awareness problems suffice:

  • They have a habit of holding up all the traffic in a car park when they spot a free space becoming available. Normal (i.e. everywhere else in the world) etiquette dictates that unless a space has a person in the car and reverse lights are on then you continue to drive along in search of a space. Nope, not in Cambridge. The minute they see someone come out of the lift they stop in anticipation waiting for them to get into the car, do a full vehicle check and finally move off. This can be a lengthy procedure when you consider baby buggies (they all seem to have them) etc. By this time the words coming out of my mouth are not pleasant to say the least. I have managed so far to avoid stepping out the car in a rage. I think this whole thing is some strange middle class problem of not wanting someone to have the upper hand (i.e. car at the back may get the better parking space). In short, annoying !
  • Maplin. This guy, member of the Millets Brigade (raincoat, backpack, etc.), being a total ass and not moving as I was trying to find some cables. Just starting at a row of cables. I was just about to say “get the f*** out of my way” when he finally moved. Very strange behaviour indeed. I’m sure he still lives with his mother (not a good thing at ca. 50).
  • Boots is always a total nightmare. Lady looking at vitamins. Totally oblivious to what’s going on around her and the fact that people are trying to get into buy things. I’m sure she was probably doing mental arithmetic trying to figure out which of them was the best value for money.

I finally get to pay at Boots. Simple purchase, 2 boxes of Contac. One to replenish the household supply, another to pack in my travel case. Apparently I can’t buy 2 boxes. Something to do with Pseudoephedrine being restricted. Unbelievable !

Lift of course broken at the car park (always the case)…

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