Tuesday, May 21st, 2024



After 6 months of solid work, I’ve finished my current project deliverable. It’s been a tough 6 months and easily the most stressful of my working life. However, I have the next week off work to relax. It’s funny how you go from something hectic to nothing and then wonder what to do !

Yesterday I went for cocktails and just had a couple of drinks. It felt strange to relax with nothing else in my mind ! Still, I’m sure it won’t last so making the most of it. However, I’m determined to ensure the next 6 are a bit more relaxing. By that I don’t mean short hours or not putting the effort in, more planning and ensuring things aren’t a rush (now that I know what needs to be done !).

I’ve learned a huge amount in the past 6 months, both work-wise, and also about myself. Whilst it’s been tough I think I’m genuinely better for it !

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