Friday, April 19th, 2024



It’s been a long week and I’m very tired. Staying at a home style hotel on Tuesday made me realise just what a difference a good nights sleep makes. I rarely get one nowadays (actually never). Something in me makes me think that getting sick might be a good thing as it would force me to relax. Life is too hectic and I realise I need to have a lifestyle change sometime soon. If I try to switch off, I just feel that I have a load of things to catch up on.s

I need a beach, a nice hotel, a couple of new TV series for the IPad, nice cocktails, and I’d be set (oh and throw in a couple of nice dinners). The trouble is, I doubt I’d want to come back.

As I passed through Kings Cross today I saw the train to Scotland up on the departures board. Every time I see this I often wonder what it would be like to just walk onto the train, grab a seat in the restaurant car and just have a relaxing and enjoyable chat all the way up to Glasgow (or even Edinburgh for that matter). Some day I’ll have the courage to do it.

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