Friday, April 19th, 2024

Can politics get any lower ?


I read this article on BBC News and it made me almost want to vomit. I’ve never been a fan of wooly left wing liberals. However, I find the whole thing patronising to say the least. It’s the intellectual superiority of it that irritates me- treating people like children as if they didn’t know the basics. Sounds like Abigail’s Party, rather than a political party.

What’s scary is the thought of this person actually running the country- a British Obama ! – time to leave. I just see it now if either of the Millband brothers get the job- we’ll have all the analogies to the Kennedy family in the papers. How different from reality.

Now onto the party concept they mention. Well, I’m now going to find one of the parties and head long. I’m thinking of cooking a chocolate cake and taking it along. What they’ll find out later is that I’ve used chocolate laxatives as the magic ingredient.

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