Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

A tough week…


It’s been a tough week. I guess I multi-task well, but when it comes to complex sets of data and analysis I need a lot of time and concentration to digest it which stresses me when I don’t have the time to do so. I’m getting more comfortable with cutting and slicing stats, but it was never my forte or interest for that matter. I love quick maths and one-the-cuff analysis- just not dirty detail. I guess it’s strange that I did an Engineering degree !

This week has had a fair bit of travel back and forth. London yesterday, Surrey today. I was pretty down over the past few days due to sheer volume of work. I seem to be one of these people that always has a fairly hectic workload- I guess it’s in part due to people knowing I will deliver therefore always ensuring I’m loaded up with tasks (very safe pair of hands). It’s actually good for my general sanity- idle hands do the devils work and all that. However, sometimes I just feel so ground down to the point of wishing I could just do some dead-end job that I could switch off at 5PM and not have to worry about looming deadlines. However, I know deep down that I’d be fed up within a few days.

Right now I wish I could just sit on a nice beach (Dubai ?) with a cold beer and listening to music. Sadly that won’t happen for a little while yet. However, I really can’t wait to be able to relax and switch off for a bit- it’s been a long time..

The week ended well though. Macarons and coffee, with good company- just a pity the weather was a little on the dull and cold side. I then got on the train back to London and got chatting to these 2 guys going to the Newmarket Races. I was playing National Rail lookup for them and they offered me a beer. We had a good chat about horseracing. I’m coming to the conclusion that I should sink the £380 annual membership to force myself to go and watch races just to relax.

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