Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Spatial awareness (again)


Okay, I know this is getting a touch on the obsessive side, but it really does crack me up the lack of spatial awareness the Cambridge people have. Here’s 2 good examples from last night:

* Walking along Trumpington Street en-route to the pub. 4 middle aged women, parallel walking along the street. Featured keywords are not ‘thin’ if you know what I mean. No awareness of people behind them, had to almost push them aside to get past. I was in a bad mood and had to hold back giving them some verbal abuse (just to create a scene for the sake of it and brighten things up a bit).

* 11:30PM Benet Street, outside the Eagle connect with discoveries such as DNA, but that’s way more advanced than last night. Girl on cycle (very drunk) decides that it would be funny to stop in front of the car. Horn honked, she spurts out a whole load of abuse. Eventually her friend gets her out of the path, where she decides “I’m having your drivers wing mirror”. Thankfully friend is sane and they move on.

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