Friday, April 19th, 2024

Feeling lousy…


That’s an understatement. Allergies are getting me down quite a bit right now. Over the past few years I really thought I had grown out of it, but now I realise it was just down to bad summers !

I hate feeling like this. Not helped by living in the one of the worst areas of the country for allergies (and no, that’s not just because of highly strung people, more like the vast quantity of green space around). I tend to find myself highly irritable, for example I think I upset the lady at the doctors reception Wednesday by asking if I could fax in my requirements for medicine, quote “why do I need to come to the surgery?, I know exactly what I need (same as the last 10 years) and I don’t want to come along to a depressing place full of sick people”. I’m also very very lethargic. As I write this at 7AM I struggle to see how I can make it 10 more hours until 5 o’clock when my last meeting is.

Things aren’t helped by going to the Royal Norfolk Show yesterday- full of grass, hay, and furry livestock- on reflection not the most sensible of moves.

London or the coast I think over the weekend (first thing) to get away from it all.

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