Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Ryanair shock horror


Sometimes you feel happy to carry a camera around. I had to give a wedding speech on Tuesday. I decided to use the computer (and a 3M Pico Projector I’d bought especially for the occasion). I wanted to use images, but had to either use stock photo’s or re-create scenes as historically I wasn’t able to capture them (as camera’s on ‘phones are relatively new).

Anyways, when I was at Pisa airport waiting to check in, I spotted this scene and I just couldn’t resist to take a picture:

Looks fairly normal, until you look a little closer:

Okay, I’m joking, of course the food wasn’t for Ryanair passengers, but the scene made me chuckle. I am somewhat surprised that they haven’t yet capitalised on the queuing concept yet though by charging for food (something like the attendants you had in cinema’s selling ice cream in the old days).

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