Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

The Banning of Backpacks


I used to wonder why Harrods banned backpacks, or more specifically wearing them on the back walking around. Now I know why – cumbersome in a congested environment. In my case, a packed commuter train coming back from London. I’ve started using the Liverpool Street line as it makes for quicker transfer back to home via Shelford instead of Cambridge (given the hassle of getting cabs and also how busy the traffic is).

I’m standing in the vestibule and some moron with a backpack whacks me in the face. It’s bad enough having people on the train who are wide (i.e. too much food consumed). Then you have people who are ‘two-deep’ causing carnage.

I hate the layout of the Liverpool St line trains though- no tables and really poor utilisation of space.

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