Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

That’s 2 nights on the trot eating badly. Last night was Pizza from the local kebab shop. I feel now like I’m becoming a regular- and that really isn’t a good thing ! Sometimes you just need some pick-me-up comfort food. I must admit I did feel better after it. Tonight was worse. I’m traveling […]

I’m an early morning person. Actually, I’m also a late evening person. I guess it’s during the day that doesn’t fair so well. I especially hate the time between 3:30PM and 5:00PM. Why ? Childhood memories I guess. I used to find this time really boring as my dad wasn’t back from work and wasn’t […]

Walking past the alcohol area in Waitrose today, I was shocked when I discovered this: I normally associate ‘Special Brew’ with a drunk person in the street, so I had a good chuckle at this being positioned right besides fine wines. Still, it is Cambridge !

Sometimes as you wander through shops you see things and wonder “who actually buys this”. Well, yesterday I think I bought something that clearly falls into that category – a robotic vacuum cleaner ! So far looks to be actually pretty good, here’s a video of it in action: iRobot

I used to wonder why Harrods banned backpacks, or more specifically wearing them on the back walking around. Now I know why – cumbersome in a congested environment. In my case, a packed commuter train coming back from London. I’ve started using the Liverpool Street line as it makes for quicker transfer back to home […]

A very long day. It’s a sad day when you get to your desk at 7AM and don’t leave until after 7PM. Making progress- I’m motivated and actually getting things done. Tiring though. Sitting in bed watching TV. I really hate the “Compare the Market” ads that have Meerkat’s in them with a funny (Eastern […]

My new job requires me to study again. As I don’t have an MBA (9 years studying is more than enough for 1 person), I’m having to read lots of business books and teach myself things. Thankfully my education and also lecturing experience has given me a great insight into how to teach yourself. However, […]