Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Signalling Difficulties… Health & Safety Gone Mad


Woke up this morning early and decided to head into London. I’ve been meaning to go shopping for some time (it feels so long since I’ve been in the west end). Of course this is a serious of error of judgement traveling on a day where there is bad weather (flurry of snow = bad weather in the South East), also the Saturday before Xmas. Thankfully I’ll arrive in the city before 9AM so should avoid the rush. Probably the tube will be down due to staff not being able to get into work, which of course brings down the entire public transport system.

In the waiting room in Cambridge as my train to London is delayed due to ‘signalling difficulties’. That’s ‘new’ British Rail speak for ‘frozen points’. So, they can run trains in the cold in Switzerland on time, why can’t they do it in the UK. Maybe they should give SBB (the Swiss railway) a call ?

As usual waiting room full of Cambridge people (no surprise), the ‘Breadsticks and Hummus brigade’ (that’s my speak for new-age family that think stopping their kids from shouting stifles their creativity, whilst most of us find it bloody annoying, I find these people so selfish). Never mind I’ll be on the train from Kings Lynn soon where I’ll meet the ‘Calpol and Turkey Nugget’ brigade.

Of course there are some things that always cheer you up at Cambridge station, such as the array of tourists taking pictures of absolutely everything. Departure boards are my favourites. I often wonder if they take pictures of the toilets also ? (if only to show how backward British loo’s are since they don’t have electronics built into them).
Spotted this the other day at the station:
Health & Safety gone mad – telling people to be careful when drunk on the platform !

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