Monday, May 27th, 2024

Borders R.I.P.


Well that’s the one decent shop in Cambridge (well okay, apart from the Apple Store) closing today.

I’ll really miss:
  • Magazines – easily the best magazine selection in the UK including US magazines (which contrary to popular belief aren’t just books full of ad’s).
  • Opening times – sensible opening times targeting the ’50 quid bloke’, the ability to actually buy something sensible in Cambridge after 5:30PM.
  • Staff – overall really good staff. One of the few places in Cambridge that wouldn’t p*** me off within 10 seconds of walking into the place (although the recession has helped in filtering bad attitudes out).
I won’t miss the frustrating computer system that all bookshops seem to have, whereby if they need to search for details of a book they seem clueless and you have to pull out the iPhone and go onto Amazon to get details !

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