Saturday, July 20th, 2024

A better day….


Today was one of those days when things seemed to click. Well, it didn’t start well. Woke up at 6AM, reviewed yesterdays touch-up painting- yes it was a darker shade so I now had leopard spots in the walls- disaster. Had shower, went downstairs and noticed the roof was dripping.

After I had a coffee to cheer myself up was writing e-mail to developer to have someone out to fix the plumbing. Then doorbell goes- it’s the developer ! (arrived to fix one of the lights in the bollards outside the entrance to the house). He looked at the plumbing and called someone, also provided me with some of the correct paint for the walls.

Spent today catching up on high priority tasks for work (good), cleared all personal chase up things (lots of calls to make), made nice dinner, caught up with friends. Sat tonight in the living room clearing paperwork listening to Classic FM on my new Pure Sensia radio.

All in all a good day ! Paris Wed/Thu- good food and a nice train journey :).

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