Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Japan, Part 二


Distaste, in an otherwise very tasteful country

I must admit I’ve never found anything in Japan that I’d describe as ‘tacky’. Yes, lots of flashing lights and noises, but it is actually quite relaxing. Therefore, imagine my shock when I spotted this at the the duty free:

WTF ? Yes, it’s a plastic dog that you plug into your USB port and it pretends it is trying to have ‘relations’ with your computer ! Why ? I particularly like the slogan “USB meets love”.

What always surprises me about this stuff is that there are actually factories in the world that manufacture stuff like this (given the setup and design costs).

Busy trip
I spent much of the days in Japan getting about 5hrs sleep each night. Socialising with people from work is commonplace (in particular with people I know as I used to visit very often). I did get the opportunity to chat with people and also experience some great food so I’m not complaining. However, at lunchtime today in Korea a colleague did remark “you look very tired”, I guess the trip (plus things on my mind) takes its toll.

Had a great day Saturday, excellent steak for lunch in a really nice environment with good company. Finally went to Akihabara for a wander (lucky me didn’t buy anything and didn’t really get excited about the prospect of a ‘Maid Cafe’). Saturday night had a walk in the park (Japanese parks don’t close at dusk), wandered round Shibuya just soaking up the energy. These trips often give me time to reflect on things (which isn’t always a good thing) so being in a hectic environment is good for me at times lack that.

Reminder to self- next time use local airports, especially when there is no space left in Business on the international airport flights !

Gadget Inventory
Rest assured wallet was hit ! I’ve decided to create a full inventory at the end of the trip (if only to punish myself on how much I spent). So far it’s been cables, computers, stationary, just have to avoid HMV in HK and electronics stores in Taiwan and I should be good.

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